About DolSoft Incorporation:

DolSoft Inc. is focused on delivering smart technologies for our clients and partners throughout the world.  DolSoft’s strong emphasis on creating new, differentiated technology engines has allowed for commercial expansion into exciting new technology markets such as image and video content analysis, semiconductor design and image analysis as well as comprehensive geographical information systems (GIS.)  It is our vision that DolSoft software analysis engines power the world’s smartest intelligent devices and solutions.

         Our Background:

DolSoft was first established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1991

DolSoft is currently headquartered in Burlingame, CA, USA

DolSoft has a strong global footprint with offices located in the following internationalcities:

Austin, TX, USA

 Mumbai, India

 Manila, Philippines

         Current Technology Focus and Expertise:

        DolSoft has an Impressive 15 Year History of Delivering Complex, Mathematically Intensive, High Quality Software Engines within the following Application Domains:

 Geographic Information Systems

 City and Corporate Fleet Management Systems

 Personal and Vehicle Navigation Systems

 Data Encryption Applications

 Image and Video Content Analysis Applications

 Biometric Identity Applications

 Semiconductor Design and Yield Management Applications

 Digital Vector Map Creation and Management Applications

         DolSoft Affiliated Companies:

      In order to address specific industries, DolSoft will incubate and provide funding for joint venture companies to deliver advanced technology solutions to clients in key market segments.  DolSoft holds significant equity interest and provides an active management input for both Vigilant Video Inc. and FabSolve LLC.  A summary of these companies is listed below:

       About Vigilant Video Inc. - a leading provider of Video Mining capabilities to businesses for security and consumer behavior analysis applications. Vigilant Video solutions provide security and retail store managers with information regarding what is going on without requiring constant monitoring of CCTV cameras. Through real-time analysis of your video feeds, Vigilant Video puts actionable information in the hands of those who need it and can use it most.

Vigilant Video enables a more secure environment than has previously been possible without 24x7 monitoring. Vigilant Video applications generate real-time notifications and alarms based on rule violations that you define.

  <<< Vigilant Video's website>>

       About FabSolve LLC. - FabSolve is a 'Design For Manufacturing' Company to assist semiconductor clients with optimizing time to market for new device introductions and to provide data to minimize process variation thereby enabling higher factory device output.  FabSolve has a US patented product suite to provide: 

o      Accurate design registered X, Y coordinates guides other manufacturing tools to the defect’s precise location and size for examination and failure analysis.

o      Design Based Classifier allows accurate classification of SEM images as well as “Killer” or “Non-Killer” designation

o       Assess the functional test impact of individual defects

o      Guide actions to the most critical defects to focus yield improvement efforts

o      Directly Assess Pattern Fidelity to validate and monitor Litho and Etch process

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