• Tran Ba Hoang – Chairman, Board of Directors

Prior to founding and funding DolSoft in Vietnam in 1996, Mr. Tran Ba Hoang had already developed very successful businesses for extracting refined chemicals from salvaged chemical containers, for food processing and for land management and construction across various provinces within Vietnam.  When Mr. Tran Ba Hoang established DolSoft he defined a company vision to provide world leading, differentiated technologies to help people and businesses become more efficient through the implementation of smart software analysis engines. 

Mr. Tran Ba Hoang’s successful leadership of DolSoft during the 1990’s positioned the company to develop world class core engine technologies in the areas of GIS, encryption and image processing.  Mr. Tran Ba Hoang’s vision of providing smart technologies throughout the world in fast growing markets is being realized via the DolSoft incubation of Vigilant Video Inc. and FabSolve LLC.  As a result of Mr. Hoang’s experience and strong participation to develop the business plan and vision for these firms, both Vigilant Video and FabSolve are DolSoft affiliated Joint Venture US firms and recognized leaders in the world market of Security and Semiconductors.

After establishing DolSoft in Vietnam, Mr. Tran Ba Hoang organized business alliances with European partners to provide GIS services within the European Benelux countries.  Many successful projects using DolSoft GIS technologies from this period are still providing clients in Europe and Vietnam with great benefit today.

  • Shawn Smith – President and Member Board of Directors

Shawn brings over 17 years of experience in development of software systems and business management to the DolSoft team.  During the early 1990’s, as an officer in the US Navy, Shawn was a key developer of the US Navy model for probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear reactor plants.  In the mid 1990’s, as a semiconductor device engineering manager, Shawn developed extensive data collection, analysis and decision systems for optimization of semiconductor manufacturing lines within Texas Instruments and Motorola.  In the year 1997, Shawn took a position as Product Manager for the Knights Technology Yield Manager product line within the semiconductor industry.  In the year 2000, Shawn founded Global Knowledge Systems (GKS), an ASP based provider of data mining and decision analytics to the semiconductor industry.  Within two years of founding, GKS was providing value added services to most top tier US semiconductor companies to optimize factory yields and the company was subsequently acquired by Applied Materials.  From the year 2002 until 2005, Shawn acted as a Managing Director at Applied Materials leading the company’s yield enhancement services and e-diagnostics divisions.  In the years 2004 and 2005, Shawn was instrumental in the funding and foundation of Vigilant Video and FabSolve providing a vision to turn CCTV and Semiconductor video image streams into actionable data for making decisions to assist manufacturing and security concerns of clients worldwide.

  • Dinh Tien Son – Chief Technical Officer and Member Board of Directors

Prior to founding DolSoft in Vietnam, Dr. Dinh Tien Son worked with GIS since the early 1990‘s. In 1990 Dr. Dinh Tien Son was leader of the “WinGIS group” which developed GIS (Geographic Information System) in Vietnam and at the same time co-organized a group of GIS Researches in Institute of Radio and Electronic of Soviet Academy in Moscow.

In 1996, Dinh Tien Son founded DolSoft Co. Ltd together with Mr. Tran Ba Hoang (based on the group of programmers in “WinGIS Group”). As Leader of Science of DolSoft he has participated in development of a range of technologies and methods to develop their own complete GIS system. The technology won first prize of Science & Technology in Vietnam in 1997 and was reported in many science conferences in Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. The GIS software developed include: WinGIS, VecMap, DolVector, DolGIS 2D, DolGIS 3D, DolGIS Enterprise, DolGIS ActiveX, DolGIS CE, DolGIS Topo, and DolMap.

Mr. Son graduated from University of Odessa with a Bachelor of Mathematics in 1985, during this time he got two prizes of math Olympic for students of Soviet Union. In 1988 Mr. Son received a Ph.D. degree in Math (Theory of function). He did work in approximation, boundary features of analytic function, optimization, math model of various physic and economic process for Russian and Vietnamese Academies.

  • Doan Tri Trung – Member Board of Directors

Mr. Doan is currently the Chairman and CEO of SemiLEDs Corporation. Mr. Doan held various management and executive positions at companies such as Intel, Honeywell and Micron where he had worked from 1988 to 2003 with the last position as Vice President of Process Development. Earlier, he served as President and CEO of Jusung Engineering, Inc., a major semiconductor/LCD equipment company in Korea. Prior to founding SemiLEDs, Mr. Doan was the Corporate Vice President of Applied Global Services (AGS) product group at Applied Materials.

Mr. Doan graduated from University of California with a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering with honors. In 1981 after Mr. Doan received a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, he worked for Intel and received Intel's 1983 Outstanding Technology Development Award. He is an inventor of more than 200 patents with many pending. He was named as one of the most prolific inventors from 1988 to 1998 and was published by the U.S. patent office.

  • Steve Cintron – Vice President of Marketing

Steve Cintron brings over 15 years of strategic financial experience to DolSoft.  Steve provided strategic and financial consulting advice to companies in a variety of industries in the United States, Australia, Central America, and the United Kingdom as a consultant and case team leader for Bain and Company.  Steve has been involved in several new ventures, running finance for a company that was successfully acquired by a major network equipment manufacturer.

Steve has earned an MBA from Stanford University's graduate School of Business and a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

  • Paul Proctor - Vice President of Business Development

Paul Proctor brings over 29 years of business and technical expertise to DolSoft.  Paul has held several Executive and Director level positions within the Semiconductor industry over his long and distinguished career.  Prior to joining DolSoft, Paul has held Senior Management or Director level positions for Applied Materials, Chartered Semiconductor, Samsung Semiconductor, Knight’s Technology, Motorola Semiconductor.  Paul is currently on assignment holding the position of President of FabSolve LLC which is an affiliated DolSoft JV company.

Paul holds seven US patents and holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering.

  • H. Jason Harrison – Investor and Advisor to the Board of Directors

H. Jason Harrison brings significant entrepreneurial and operating experience in founding and building companies. He has also been analyzing and investing in early stage companies since 1992.  Mr. Harrison is a successful serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in business development, operations management, and managing development organizations.  Mr. Harrison is an active investor and  board member  to infrastructure and  technology startup companies beginning in 1996.

Mr. Harrison holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering.  Mr. Harrison has a proven track record of success and excellence in leadership through both academic and professional accomplishments.

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