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[ DOLGIS 3D - Creation & exploitation of 3D maps with databases ]


The demand for three-dimensional GIS technology is increasing every month. This technology is useful for everyone engaged in design, analysis, and querying spatial and non-spatial GIS databases. DolSoft’s DolGIS3D is extremely helpful for those who have time constraints and a limitation of computer space because of the underlying engine, powered by the companies’ unique algorithm. While standard 2D GIS technology limits the modern user, DolGIS3D enables the user to manage in 3 dimensions, with more than 2X the speed and image clarity of the nearest competitor. DolGIS3D software provides as close to real life images as is possible in the industry today

Strengths of DolGIS3D (‘3D) include:

Managing large graphic object databases in 3 dimensions, utilizing standard PCs

Data volume on a normal PC running to the millions of objects

Creative design links enable DolGIS (for GIS management in 2 dimensions) and DolGIS3D (in 3 dimensions) to easily interface. This allows creating 3 dimensional images from 2 dimensional data

DolGIS3D can also manage links between 3D data and a database

Software architecture and the aforementioned algorithm, enables DolGIS3D to reach speeds previously unknown in the industry, for displaying and accessing graphic and non-graphic data

Surfaces can be created from a vast number of elevation points (even millions of points)
Users can manage multiple 3D layers, surfaces, and databases
DolGIS3D enables the 3D overlay of a surface (like houses following a contour)
‘3D enables recording and displaying of files
With ‘3D, users can manage virtually every area of human activity: from road systems, urban planning, underground systems, electric and telephone line systems, and land surfaces. Users can now use ‘3D for modeling difficult problems: the environment, airflows, and aircraft landing patterns (as many applications as the user can envision). ‘3D is a real tool for real life management!

Technical View

DolGIS3D is one component of the entire DolGIS system, which enables users to manage 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional data with a GL3 format file. Like all our software, ‘3D is a product that can be run with very low hardware configurations (unique in the industry). The superior data structure design, based in a 2-dimension GLB format file, allows ‘3D to become one link of the entire DolGIS chain. Data streams can be imported from our surveying (auto-vectoring) software, called “DolVector”, through DolGIS (for 2 dimension), for classifying and linking with non-graphic databases, then upgrading to DolGIS3D. Then, 2D data can be created from 3D data, by converting from GL3

3D map on surface with information of selected object

DolGIS3D is the first GIS 3D software that works perfectly in PC’s, and will bring people into the real world of graphics and imaging without difficulty. Additionally, ‘3D:

  • Runs in older PC’s with limited capacity: Pentium, 32 MB of RAM
  • Has industry leading speed for displaying data in 2D and 3D
  • Can be used to access 3D objects to get non-spatial information, or form a data Can be used to import data from different resources: ACAD, 3D tools, etc.
  • Makes it possible to navigates 3D maps and visit 3D objects in a 'real' landscape 3D map on surface with information of selected object
  • Is the perfect tool for creating 3D surfaces and finding surface-intersections
  • Can be used to easily create and manage real files
  • Can be used to simulate a variety of reality-based problems
  • Has a friendly interface and is easy to use
    Summary : For the most innovative 3D software available today, with the fastest processing time in the industry and selling for the most affordable price…DolGIS3D is the way to go!

    System requirements:
  • PC compatible, 300MHz Pentium processor or higher, 64MB RAM
  • Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Requires 30MB HDD for compact installation, 50MB for full installation
  • Requires 20MB HDD as virtual memory
  • Graphics display: 640x480 at 256 colors
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