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Rapid development of powerful personal computers has broadened the user base of GIS software, and widened the scope of GIS applications. However, the gigantic size of existing GIS software programs makes their structure heavy, and their query response time slow. Digitizing objects on paper maps can take days instead of minutes. Additionally, unwanted errors during the digitizing process have been an ever-present danger with existing software programs, a negative factor which DolGIS eliminates.

These obstacles have prevented GIS software from developing into a popular product that can be used to its full applications potential. Dolsoft has created GIS software that provides the industry with significant improvements in performance, while, at the same time, eliminating the traditional product failures.

DolSoft’s upgraded software, DOLGIS , helps mapmakers, surveyors, city administrators, urban planners, architects, construction companies, transportation departments and other organizations to efficiently make, manage, analyze, report, and store their maps and plan portfolios.

DolGIS  with the DolVector module just makes things much, much easier," says Professor Dinh Tien Son, DolSoft’s Chief Engineer. "With a few clicks of a mouse, operators can vectorize thousands of objects on their map grid, with the highest possible accuracy. Instead of spending days or weeks digitizing maps point by point, the most demanding analysis can be performed in seconds. Reports can be produced immediately, standardized or customized, interfaced perfectly and seamlessly to meet any need, using any database or other system."

DolGIS's foundation is its powerful algorithm, operating in its creative and advanced proprietary architecture. It enables fully automatic vectorization and virtual links with other data. Thanks to this innovative design, GIS services can be provided either entirely with desktop DolGIS , or partially through any modular combination. DolGIS  provides access to any data set in real time. Its powerful features allow operators to quickly access, search, analyze and even edit a variety of objects. DolGIS  also has a built-in database program, created to meet any database needs. These many features are the big difference between DOLGIS and the equivalent products from other vendors.

DolGIS special version for management Topology features (DolGIS Topo) allows users to handle all specific problem of management system network like: water supply, telephone, electric network, traffic set,… Powerful algorithm allows users to find solution for problem in few seconds. This version finds huge application in reality for enhancement of management network system.

DolGIS package also includes ActiveX for programmers in Visual Basic, Access, Visual C++ to use DolGIS platform to build various GIS special application for different purposes. This tool brings GIS more closely to needs of people, makes GIS more useful and easier for uses.

All DolGIS's modules will communicate and work seamlessly with other existing programs. Users have all the benefits of the most advanced features from DolGIS, without discarding their current software programs. DolGIS's output files are easily exported to other existing programs, such as Map Info and AutoCad.

DolGIS is the most compact GIS software available, and works perfectly in the PC environment. This feature eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive hardware to run a massive GIS software program.

DolGIS provides access to the most comprehensive and cost effective GIS analyzing tools available today. With its high speed data processing and auto-vectorization, combined with design features that make it flexible and easy to use, DolGIS “was designed to become the first desktop GIS software for popular use”…”GIS applications can now cover virtually every activity happening on Earth," says Dr. Son.

DolGIS will be offered at a reasonable cost in comparison with other software, because DolSoft’s development costs are significantly less than the competition. No other vendors offer such high-end capabilities at this price level. Dolsoft has a vision to serve more people and extend the application of GIS into many fields in the future


GIS software is considered as the “Queen” of software industry, for it deals with spatial and non-spatial data that is prolific, manifold, enormously complex and relates to many fields in real life. GIS software, therefore, demands powerful features and functions. As a result, most of the current GIS software is encumbered, hard-to-use, requires large hardware configurations, and expensive software. Only large business organizations or governments can afford such expenditures (and now…unnecessarily). Moreover, inefficient GIS software programs cause input difficulties, and are not user-friendly

Dolsoft recognizes that these problems cannot be addressed independently and separately. It is imperative to have an efficient and effective total solution to overcome current obstacles that plague the GIS industry

A breakthrough

DolSoft’s philosophy is to build new, efficient GIS software, resting upon the foundation of simplification and popularization, without losing powerful features or essential functions. GIS software must be simplified from the encumbrances of standard industry products, liberating users from unavoidable, awkward and time-consuming labor. GIS software must be able to build a broad, comprehensive database, with real-time access. GIS software must broaden its applications beyond traditional functions to cover all activities relating to the Earth. GIS software must be compact and have minimal hardware requirements. Dolsoft envisions a total solution; an “A to Z” process for inputting, creating and managing GIS spatial and non-spatial data

Buffering and overlay function

What are the important technical features of the software?

While most GIS software offers a manually manipulated digitization technique, DolGIS is the only software that provides a full auto-vectoring module for image processing. The auto-vectoring module allows users the ease of getting vectorized output files with high accuracy and in less time. The goal is to help customers gain the highest quality in the shortest time, with the smallest cost for their GIS applications. Thanks to VecMap module, customers can easily process images, with faster processing time than any competing GIS product

Dolsoft creates products based on a logical arrangement of weighted objects and data, thus saving memory on hard drives, and accelerating the speed of software operation. This mathematical optimization algorithm allows minimal hard drive memory to load DolGIS desktop software in customer’s computers. No other vendors offer such high-end, efficient capabilities. Other packages allow more complicated functions but none are suited to “office-suite” GIS.

Constructed precisely for interoperability, the suite is a modular combination. However, all DolGIS software modules not only co-operate with other GIS software, but can also operate transparently to provide particular services. Module design also allows flexibility and ease-of use


Thematic map

GIS software is useful in many fields at both the macro and micro levels. Small, medium and even large municipalities can use GIS software in urban planning, resource management, environmental control, and traffic control systems. Police departments and other government agencies also need our desktop GIS software for their particular management needs. At micro levels, engineers, architects, construction companies, utility companies and other business organizations can use desktop GIS software to make the best possible use of their information resources. Every entity that has spatial and non-spatial data resources under management, and uses technical and non-technical drawings desiring 2D and 3D presentations, will benefit from DolGIS software


DolGIS provides software solutions requiring in - depth technological knowledge and subject expertise. Its integrated office - suite software is the GIS solution for directly addressing the entire range of GIS processing needs. While most vendors provide complicated, expensive and limited GIS software, Dolsoft offers an office - suite that provides industry - leading functions, combined with unmatched power and affordability

System requirements:

  • PC compatible, 200MHz Pentium processor or higher, 32MB RAM
  • Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Requires 30MB HDD for compact installation, 50MB for full installation
  • Requires 20MB HDD as virtual memory
  • Graphics display: 640x480 at 256 colors
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